Architectural History and Historic Preservation Experts
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Preserving the past, Building for the future
DC Historic Designs, LLC offers a wide range of services related to historic preservation, architectural history, and design development and review for developers, institutional, and residential clients.

Our overall objective is to help retain the character of historic buildings and neighborhoods, but also to help them adapt as needed while still complying with local and federal historic preservation standards.

While we undertake projects throughout the United States, the team at DC Historic Designs, LLC has a specialized expertise and knowledge of Washington D.C.'s unique history, architecture, and historic preservation laws, policies, and practices.
“We never would have gotten our project to comply with city design guidelines (we didn’t even know there were any) and through the [historic preservation] review process without these guys.”

“Not only did they tell us our building was eligible for listing on the National Register, they actually got it listed within that very year.”

“Our neighbors told us not to even think about trying to get a replacement window permit approved in old Georgetown.  They did it!”
What some of our clients are saying:
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